Unlocking - Other


We also provide unlocking for manu other makes and models of mobile phones. The handsets that we can unlock, but do not have their own dedicated pages are listed below.

If you cannot see your phone listed, contact us as we may still be able to unlock it.

AEG / Telital

The following models of AEG / Telital mobiles can be unlocked remotely:
9050, 9070 DFTX, 9080, 9082, A820, D800, J520, J530, S200.


The following models of Alcatel mobiles can be unlocked remotely:
HC-800, HC-1000, HX-1.


The following models of Panasonic mobiles can be unlocked remotely:
A100, G50, G51, G51m, GD50, GD55.


The following models of Siemens mobiles can be unlocked remotely:
8008, CL50, CL55, ST55, ST60.


The following models of Sony mobiles can be unlocked remotely:


The following models of Vitel mobiles can be unlocked remotely:
TCM-3, TCM-4, TCM-5

Remote Unlocking

We can unlock the above handsets remotely, just enter your details below and we can get the unlock code for you within 2 working days.

What we need to unlock your phone by code:
The Make & Model Number (See Label under battery - i.e. Siemens CL55)
The Network that it's locked to at the moment (i.e. what network's simcard works currently)
The IMEI (to get this type: *#06#) - 15 Digit number (double check before submitting).

Cost: £5

Phone Model & Current Network: (i.e. Siemens CL55 - Locked on o2)
IMEI (15 Digits): (i.e. 350123456789123)

Post Phone

Only post: Phone, Battery (fully charged), your contact details and return address.

Cost: £5 (+ £4.50 return postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery)

Phone Model:

Come to us

If you would like to come to us to get your phone unlocked, please contact us to arrange a time. (We are based in North Leicester)

Unlocking can take up to an hour for some handsets, although most within a few minutes.

Cost: £5