Unlocking - Nokia - Basic


<<<Price Drop: Basic Series now only £7.50>>>

These are budget handsets which have just basic features (Released 2008 onwards).

It is recommended that you contact us to confirm that we can unlock your handset if you cannot find it listed below or in any of the other sections.

Unlockable Handsets:
  • 1110i (RH-93), 1112b (RH-92), 1200 (RH-99), 1200 (RH-100), 1202 (RH-112), 1202-2b (RH-113), 1203 (RH-112), 1208 (RH-105), 1208b (RH-106), 1600 (RH-64), 1600b (RH-66), 1650 (RM-305), 1661 (RH-122), 1661-2b (RH-121), 1662 (RH-122), 1680c (RM-394), 1680c-2b (RM-395), 1680c-2b (RM-490)
  • 2220 slide (RM-590), 2220-2b slide (RM-591), 2310 (RM-189), 2320c (RM-514), 2320c-2b (RM-515), 2323c (RM-543), 2323c-2b (RM-544), 2330c (RM-512), 2330c-2b (RM-513), 2332c (RM-512), 2600 (RH-59), 2600a (RH-60), 2600c (RM-340), 2600c-2b (RM-341), 2610 (RH-86), 2610b (RH-87), 2626 (RM-291), 2630 (RM-298), 2630b (RM-299), 2660 (RM-292), 2660b (RM-293), 2680s (RM-392), 2680s-2b (RM-933), 2680s-2b (RM-500), 2720a (RM-519), 2720a-2b (RM-520), 2760 (RM-258), 2760b (RM-259), 2760h (RM-391)
  • 5000 (RM-362), 5000d-2b (RM-363), 5030c (RM-524), 5030c-2b (RM-525)
  • 6030b (RM-75)
  • 7070 (RH-116), 7100s (RM-438), 7100s-2b (RM-439)
In rare circumstances if we are not able to unlock the handset any payment will be fully refunded or if you came to us you will not be charged.

To get one of these phones unlocked, you will need to either bring your phone into us, or post it to us.

Post Phone

Only post: Phone, Battery (fully charged), your contact details and return address.

What we need to know before we can unlock your phone:
The model number (See Label under battery - Usually top right - i.e. 1200 (RH-99), etc)

Cost: £7.50 (+ £4.50 return postage via Royal Mail Special Delivery)

Phone Model:

Come to us

If you would like to come to us to get your phone unlocked, please contact us to arrange a time.(We are based in North Leicester)

Unlocking can take up to an hour for some handsets, although most within a few minutes.

Cost: £7.50