We are dedicated to being able to offer unlocking solutions for almost all makes and models of mobile phones, and we are always expanding our service.

To find out if we can unlock your phone, click on the corresponding make of mobile in the menu, under Unlocking.

If your phone is not listed, please contact us as we may still be able to do it.

20% discount on unlocking for all return customers!*


What is unlocking?

  1. If you would like to change networks & you want to keep your current phone, but when you try to use another SIM card, you get a message such as 'phone restricted' or 'SIM card not accepted', your phone is network 'locked' and you need to unlock it.

Do you unbar phones?

  1. NO, a barred phone is one which has been reported lost or stolen. Unbarring is Illegal in the UK and we will not do this under any circumstances. If we are sent a handset which we beleive is barred, we will hand the phone and your details over to the police.

How does remote unlocking work?

  1. You send us a few details about your phone and from that, we calculate the codes to unlock your phone. This way there is no need to send the phone to us! If you are not confident in doing it yourself, you can send the phone to us and we will do it for you (return postage costs will apply).

How long does it take to receive the remote codes and instructions?

  1. You should receive an e-mail from us within 24-48 hours, if you have not received anything after 72 hours, please contact us.

Will the codes always work?

  1. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the codes will work, as with nokia handsets, if codes have previously be attempted and failed, 5 or more times, the phone will need unlocking via a cable method which we can also do. This will require you to send/bring the phone to us, in which case additional charges may apply (Usually this is only postage costs if you post the phone to us).

Is it possible to unlock my nokia if codes have already been tried 5 or more times?

  1. With most nokia's, YES, but this will require us to use a cable solution, so you would have to send/bring the phone to us. See the Nokia page, for prices and more information.


*Alternative discounts given for BB5 type Nokias (i.e. N-series, E-series, 6233, etc)