We mainly specialise in buying and selling second hand phones, although on occasion we also come across brand new handsets.

We buy phones in all conditions, from working, to faulty or even completely dead. If you have it, we might just want it!

If you are interesting in buying a phone have a look at our Phones For Sale section.

If you want to sell your current or old phone, regardless of it's condition, go to the Sell Your Phone section, and fill out the information, we will then get back to you with a quote.


Are all the phones you sell unlocked (simfree)?

  1. We try to make sure that the phones you get from us are unlocked, but in rare cases, if it is not possible for us to unlock it, we will state the network that it is locked to in the listing.
    NOTE: Simcards from the "3" network only work in 3G compatible handsets. These SIM cards will not work in any other handsets, regardless of if they are unlocking or not.

What condition will the phones be in?

  1. We try to sell all our phones in Mint/Very Good condition or as close to this as possible. But if it is not, we will clearly state this.

What do you mean by the condition of the phone?

  1. Excellent Condition: No noticeable scratches/marks. Usually the phone will have been kept in a cover by the previous owner.
  2. Very Good Condition: Close to new, but may have very minor marks on the housing.
  3. Good Condition: Phone may have some minor marks from normal wear & tear. No major dents/scratches.
  4. Poor Condition: Phone is very worn, case might be cracked, etc (we never sell phones in this condition).