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To help you make the most of your phone, we will give you access to free software which is out there so you can do things like, Backup your contacts/message/pictures from your phone.

Alcatel Software
Select "Tips & Tool" then "PC suite/MP3 converter" then select your phone

Apple iTunes
Manage Apple devices including iPod, iPhone and even the latest iPad

Nokia Ovi Suite
New software which provides an all in one suite to manage your Nokia phone

Nokia PC Suite
Manage any Nokia phone or internet tablet

Nokia Data Cable Drivers
You need to install this first so your nokia phone can transfer data to and from your PC

Nokia Contact Restore
If you make a backup of your phone with Nokia PC Suit but have problems restoring contacts to another nokia or only want to restore contacts back to your phone, use this (official nokia program)

Samsung Software
Once you have selected your phone model, click on the "Software" Tab for available software. Click on the installation icon on the right to download

Siemens Software
Change "All product" field to your phone model, & click on the button on the right

Sony Ericsson Software
Select your phone then click on "Software downloads", then "Sony Ericsson PC Suite" (other software also available here)

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